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Vegetables bubble washing machine


Vegetables bubble washing machine

Machine name: Vegetables bubble washing machine

Machine model: TS-X200

Machine voltage: 380V

Machine power: 2.45KW

Machine capacity: 1000KG/H

Machine size: 2250*940*1280mm

Machine weight: 193KG

Remarks: It can be customized according to customers

    Product features

    TS-X200 Ozone Disinfection Bubble Vegetable Washing Machine,it adopts a combination of three cleaning methods: bubbles, circulating surfing and high-pressure spraying, ozone sterilization and disinfection, and degradation of residual agricultural vegetables, so that vegetables can be thoroughly cleaned in all directions; the discharging action is improved by conveying and improving high-pressure spray is carried out on the machine to further clean the fruits and vegetables; there is a bubble adjustment valve next to the machine, which is easy to operate; the conveyor belt is PP imported mesh surface, stepless speed regulation, in line with food-grade standards, and easy to clean.
    Scope of application: suitable for leafy vegetables, such as cabbage etc.

    Use effect display

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