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Blanching machine (customized style)


Blanching machine (customized style)

Name: Blanching machine (customized style)

Model: TS-X300C

Power supply: 380V/50HZ

Power: 3.8KW

Heat: 12 kw

Dimensions: 3200×940×1280mm

    Product features

    The TS-X300C blanching machine (customized) is used for blanching in the first half part and bubble cleaning in the second half part. It is often used for the cooked processing of some leaves vegetables. Vegetables are transported to the bubble cleaning tank after passing through the high-temperature water tank, and there is a high-pressure spray on the top of the cleaning tank. Stainless steel material, high automation, large output and stable work. Suitable for use in vegetable distribution centers, food and catering chain stores, etc.

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