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Vortex vegetable washing machine TS-X680S


Vortex vegetable washing machine TS-X680S

Name: Vortex vegetable washing machine

Model: TS-X680S

Voltage: 380V

Power: 3KW

Capacity: 700L

Output: 800KG/H

Size: 2250*900*1500mm

    Product features

    TS-X680S vortex vegetable washing machine is double washing with swirling and bubbles, ozone disinfection to remove pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables. A high-pressure gas injection pipe is arranged at the bottom of the cylinder, and high-pressure bubbles can be effectively separated into clusters of vegetables. Semi-circular cylinder design, high pressure spray, precision filter screen, fully automatic circulating water tank. It is suitable for cleaning leafy vegetables, roots vegetables, and is suitable for clean vegetable processing plants, large supermarkets, large farms, large food distribution centers, etc.

    Use effect display

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