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Vegetables bubble washing machine


Vegetables bubble washing machine

Machine name : Vegetables bubble washing machine

Machine model:TS-X300

Machine voltage: 380V / 50HZ

Machine power: 3KW

Machine capacity: 1500KG/H

Machine weight:240KG

Machine size:3250×940×1280mm

Remarks: It can be customized according to customers

    Product features

    The TS-X300 bubble cleaner uses high-pressure gas to generate bubbles, circulating water pump for surfing and lifting high-pressure water spray for triple cleaning. It effectively separates the sediment and impurities attached to the vegetables, and the water supply during the high-pressure spraying process is adjustable, which is convenient for customers to flexibly adjust according to the vegetable processing volume and cleaning degree. Ozone sterilizes and degrades residual vegetables, and can be equipped with ultrasonic cleaning to thoroughly clean vegetables in all directions.
    It is suitable for cleaning, removing impurities and conveying leafy vegetables. Suitable for clean vegetable processing plants, large food distribution centers, etc.

    Use effect display

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