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Blanching machin


Blanching machin

Name: Blanching machin

Modele: TS-X200B

Power supply: 380V/50HZ

Yield: 1000KG/H

Conveyor belt power: 0.75KW

Heating power: 12KW

Size: 2100×1100×1580mm

    Product features

    After the fruits and vegetables are blanched, the activity of enzymes in the fruits and vegetables is inhibited to maintain the unique fresh color of the fruits and vegetables, and it can volatilize the green odor of the vegetables to retain the original fragrance of the vegetables, improve the softness of the cells, and facilitate the evaporation of water.

    Use effect display

    IMG_4223plkIMG_4235p1zIMG_4396wkzTS-X200B (1)ovh