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Bubble cleaning machine (spray type)


Bubble cleaning machine (spray type)

Name: Bubble cleaning machine (spray type)

Model: TS-X300A

Material: Stainless steel

Voltage: 380V

Power: 3KW

Output: 1500KG/H

Net weight: 240KG

Size: 3250mm×940mm×1280mm

(size can be customized)

    Product features

    TS-X300A bubble cleaning machine (spray type), stainless steel conveyor belt and filter screen are installed inside the water tank of the cleaning machine, and there are several adjustable high-pressure nozzles on the top.
    Working principle: The bubble cleaning machine uses high-pressure gas to generate bubbles, four-stage cleaning of circulating water pump surfing, high-pressure spraying above the sink and lifting high-pressure spraying. Effectively separate the sediment and impurities attached to the vegetables.
    The machine is mainly used for cleaning leafy vegetables, and can also be used for cleaning various melons and fruits. Suitable for vegetable processing plants, central kitchens, and large food distribution centers.

    Use effect display

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