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Desktop Vegetable Cutter

Fruit vegetable cutting machine

Desktop Vegetable Cutter

Name: Desktop Vegetable Cutter

Model: TS-Q38

Material: Stainless steel

Weight: 23KG

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Power: 550W

Cutter speed: 270r/min

Size: 530*280*540mm

5 cutter as standard(slicing: 2 pcs, shredding: 3 pcs

In addition, the dicing knife set needs to be purchased separately

Knife set specifications: sliced size: 2MM, 4MM; shred size: 3MM, 4MM, 7MM; diced size: 10M

    Product features

    The TS-Q38 desktop vegetable cutter is small and exquisite vegetable cutter with a novel structure. It can slice,shreed and dice root vegetables and fruits.The machine is simple to operate, easy to clean, stable in performance, safe and reliable. It suitable for use in catering industry, unit canteens, food processing plants, etc.

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